About Us

Our horses are happy and well grazed. With a 50m x 20m indoor school, smaller pony school and covered stables, we are perfectly set up to provide comfortable and flexible lessons, regardless of the weather or time of day. We have showers and a cafe so you can leave us refreshed and refuelled. Less then 10 minutes drive from Uxbridge station, our car park is large and fully paved so you won’t need your wellies to get back to your car! You can even reach us by the numbers 7 or 58 buses, which stop at the top of our drive.

Our Staff

Lauren Dawes – Yard Manager. Lauren has been riding since she was 5 years old and has always worked in the equestrian industry, primarily in riding schools and livery yards. She is UKCC Level 2 qualified coach with the Pony Club, and has a HND Level 2 in stable management. She also has 4 of her own horses whom she enjoys training and taking to competitions in her spare time including qualifying for the local ‘Chiltern and Thames’ championships.
Lauren teaches all aspects of riding as well as running our Pony Club Centre and Young Equestrian groups, but her speciality is building confidence. “I love that every horse has their own personality and that every rider has their own strengths and weaknesses, as a coach, my aim is to bring out the best in both horse and rider, and get them working together as a partnership whilst having loads fun!”
Chloe Allen – Chloe has been riding since the age of 5, her 1st pony was a small Welsh Mountain Section A called Whispa who was her dream princess pony. Whispa was not the easiest of ponies but taught Chloe everything she knows. Chloe is currently studying her UKCC level 1 and then is planning to go on to complete her level 2. She mainly loves show jumping and cross country, but has recently started doing one day events.
Stephanie Lally – Steph started working at here as our groom at the age of 17, working hard to gain her UKCC level 1 coaching certificate. Steph took a year out and travelled around Australia and the Far East, returning to start her training towards her UKCC level 2 qualification. She grew up around race horses, but since being at here has discovered her love of jumping. Steph loves teaching kids so she can have lots of fun with them.
Toni Ashwood – Toni started volunteering here before it opened as a riding school, because of her daughter’s interest in ponies, she wanted to find an activity they could do together. She has since gone on to own her own pony and start coaching. Toni loves teaching lead rein lessons because it sets a solid foundation of respect and communication between rider and pony. She always tries to make her lessons fun for her younger riders because that’s the best way to learn. When Toni is not coaching, she helps in the office with the website and social media, when you ring up it’s probably her or Kate you’re chatting to.
Rachel Forest – Rachel is 19 and currently doing an english degree at King’s College London. She joined the team in summer 2016. Rachel has been riding for over 10 years now, and has owned her little grey pony Daisy since she was 13, Daisy is now also part of the Echo's family. When She’s not at university Rachel enjoy riding Daisy and taking her to local SJ competitions. Her role here is as groom on Weekends, looking after the horses and the yard. If that’s not enough to keep her busy, Rachel is training as an instructor and is currently working towards my UKCC level one.
Courtney Wells - Courtney started riding at the age of 14 and after a break to be a mum, is back in the saddle again. She visited us here at the yard last year and never left.

Our Horses and Ponies

Bella – Miniature Shetland, born 1998. Registered name Beswick Arabella. The smallest of our team. Bella is a very well behaved pony, but full of character. She is a toughie and won’t let any bigger ones push her around.
Poppy – Miniature Shetland Born 2002. Registered name Tequila Sunrise. Poppy is a very quite pony and enjoys lots of cuddles and grooming. Poppy needs extra care and attention as she suffers from a condition called Cushings which is a hormonal disorder and is on medication to control it.
Crumpet – 12hh Welsh Section A Born 2002. Registered name Crumpwell Hebe. Crumpet is a very sweet mare but can be nervous of people. When you meet her let her come to you and investigate, if your patient enough she will let you give her a rub on the neck. She is growing in confidence all the time and we are very pleased how brave she is getting. We work with Crumpet for in hand work and EFC which she really enjoys.
Leilo – 11.1hh is a registered Dartmoor Pony, Her registered name is Springwater Swallow. Leilo is working livery and belongs to Lauren’s son Nathaniel.
Little Lady – 14hh 8 years old, Welsh section C Cross. Working Livery. Lady is great for beginners through to more advanced riders and was part of a team that competed at the Hickstead Riding School Championships.
Daisy – Daisy is our resident unicorn, on her days off she likes to hang up her horn and help out. Daisy is owned by part time groom and trainee instructor Rachel. Daisy is very forward going and loves to jump big. Despite being 21 years old Daisy still flies around like a 2 year old.
Echo – Echo is a new forest cross and our oldest resident at 30 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, he loves attention and pretty much rules the stables, but then if you have a yard named after you, it can’t not go to your head! He has no qualms about showing the younger ponies how a seasoned pro can do it! He was Lauren’s first pony and back in his prime he jumped affiliated.
Kit – Kit is an Irish sports pony 14hh, 7 years old. He belongs to one of our Pony Club members and she is besotted by him. He has one of the smoothest canters and loves being groomed.
Dinky – 14hh Warm Blood Cross. Born 2008. Registered name Bitterwell Walensia. Dinky is with us on working livery and is owned by one of our Pony Club members. Dinky is a great all rounder, although she was trained by Rob Waine, jumping and groundwork are her favourite. Dinky competed has competed at the Hickstead riding school championships
Aero – This cheeky boy is Lauren’s pony, 14.2 new forest. Aero is a very talented pony, competed regularly by Chloe they love ridden showing but always comes home with a red rosette when out jumping. Don’t let his height fool you he jumps big tracks.
Meadow Girl(MG) – 14.2hh (and growing!) Welsh Section D Born at Echo’s in 2010 Registered name Thorneyside Meadow Girl. MG has just finished her training to become a riding school pony. She is so affectionate and loves her ears being scratched. We use MG for training coaches who wish to learn how to do ground work and work with horses in Equine Facilitated Coaching (EFC)
Jezabel – (Jez to her friends) is owned by one of our Pony Club members. Jez is a very sensitive, forward going mare who loves to jump.
Buddy – Buddy is a 14hh Irish Cob. When Buddy isn't being a mane model for shampoo ads, he helps out with Pony Club. He absolutely loves a cuddle.
Vinny – Vinny is Chloe’s horse. 6 years old Irish sports horse, very handsome boy who loves a fuss. He loves to compete and His best friend is Aero
Bea – Bea is a 16.3 Irish spots horse 5years old, Lauren’s horse. She loves hacking and jumping, is proving very talented. She is very honest and will always try her heart out, even if she’s trying something new she will give it everything she has!
Joe – 17hh Irish Draft Born 2007 The biggest horse in our team, Joe is very affectionate and loves giving and receiving cuddles. He is a very sensitive soul but steady with it, making him a great horse to work with in hand or under saddle
Big Lady – is a 17hh Irish Sports Horse, born 2008. Before she came to Echo’s she was a show jumper and has settled quickly into her new role. Lady is a sensitive mare that is great for more experienced riders who are learning more advanced work in the flat and over jumps.
Maverick - Although Mav has now retired, he used to be a championship show jumper and is still only too happy to jump a fence or two to join his mates in another field.

Our Other Animals

Bam Bam and Pebbles - Bam Bam the pigmy goat is very friendly and loves a good scratch on his ears. Pebbles, his little brother is a little on the shy side, but will eat out of your hand if you are quiet.
Lulu and Larry - Lulu and Larry our sheep, were hand raised as babies and so are very friendly. They always meet any visitors at the gate so they can investigate your pockets for treats.
Toffee and Blue - Toffee and Blue the rabbits love having cuddles and enjoy the attention they get at our birthday parties.
The Chickens - Our chickens were all hatched here, from eggs here at Echo's. They are lots of different shapes and sizes, because we have an assortment of breeds. Some are a bit on the shy side, others like Elsa like to sit on your hand and often join us in the office to supervise our work.
Daphne - Joined us at the tender age of 3 months old. She has a lot of growing to do!
Luna - Luna the bearded dragon joins us for parties and special events. She enjoys being out of her terrarium and helping the office staff. When she is here she spends most of her time sitting on peoples shoulders.
Ruby and Felix - Our resident yard cats are brother and sister and although they are working cats, they love a cuddle and a scratch behind the ears.